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How to clean the white off plastic frame eyeglasses?

I have a pair of red plastic eyeglasses. They are dirty right now. There are some whites on the frame. How can i remove it? Can i wash them with soap water?
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Answers (2)

  • csky4

    Hi, it is not difficult to clean them. You can wash your plastic eyeglasses frames with mild soap water or Or dishwashing liquid. In fact, you can try to clean them with tap water, if it doesn't work, you can clean them with mild soap water. That should be work to remove the whites off the plastic frame. And also, you can use the soap water to clean your eyeglasses lenses. But please remember to clean them with tap water after you use soap or dishwashing liquid. Hope this can help you.
  • Zachary

    Sometimes it is not easy to clean the white off plastic frame eyeglasses. But this is totally depending on what kind of white on your plastic frame. I think it is OK to wash your frames with soaps as long as you don’t dip your whole glasses into the water for a long time. Or you can only wash the frames.

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