How to clean nose pads on eyeglasses?

Can anybody offer me a way to clean my nose pads on eyeglasses? Thanks!
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  • Theresa M

    You know, your nose pads are always in contact with your skin. And your skin often sweats. And after a period of time, your sweat and oil your skin produces will naturally turn your nose pads to green or yellow. I can' t answer you that your nose pads can be cleaned throughly. Because if your nose pads already turn to green or yellow, it will be very hard for them to turn back to their original colors. In terms of common dirt on your nose pads, you can use a brush and some toothpaste to deal with it. Prepare some warm water and then put your glasses into the water for about 5 min. Because it is good for the dirty things on your glasses to float on the surface of the water. Then you should take out your glasses, and apply some toothpaste to the nose pads and then brush them very softly. Only three or four min can make your nose pads very clean. Try it, it really works well.
  • duncan

    You know, your nose pads will appear yellow or green if you haven' t cleaned them for a long time. If you just want to clean them, I have an idea. First of all, you can prepare some clean soap water and soak your glasses into it. Then take them out after 10 min. Next you should rinse your glasses with clean water. Last, dry them with a clean and dry cloth. Usually, your glasses will be very clean by then. However, if you still find some dirt on the nose pads, you can use a clean and wet cloth to wipe them very carefully, and you had better soak the wet cloth into the soap water before. You keep wiping them until all the dirt is gone. But I can not assure you that this way can be useful when your nose pads are very yellow. If it is in that case, you had better take your glasses to an eyewear shop. Hope this works.
  • clark

    All right , I can see that you are not quite happy with those nose pads becausae they are dirty and seem to be stubbornly annoying. Anyway, from what I know, the oil produced from your face would stain your nose pads and oftentimes, you have nothing to do with it. But I suggest that you try to get some detergent to flush them, and better yet, try to get a pair of pads-free glasses.
  • emo_pain_818

    You had better wash your glasses every day. At least I do it every day and my glasses still seem to be new although they have been worn by me for years. Haha, you can not tell that, right? When you wash your glasses, you should be very careful with your frames and your earpieces because those places are very easy to get broken. Wish this could help.

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