Jackson raphael

How to choose eyeglasses by my blue eyes?

I have very beautiful blue eyes, and I want to choose a pair of glasses which can make my blue eyes stand out. What kind of glasses can I choose? Does anyone know?
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  • Samuel

    To make your blue eyes outstanding, I advise you to try some deep-colored glass frames. Colors making big contrast to blue are also nice, for example, white, orange, yellow, or red. But you should also make sure that the frame color agrees with your complexion and overall appearance as well. I personally think a big and round glass frame also makes blue eyes conspicuous.
  • Austin

    If you have blue eyes, you should be very beautiful and attractive. Firstly, choosing a pair of proper glasses is determined by your skin tone. Generally speaking, a pair of black eyeglass is best for all skin tone. Besides, the frame of glasses should contrast with your face shape. Back to the point, peach or orange color is the most appropriate to your eyes. It will make your eye color pop. Thanks.
  • Kate

    If you have the very beautiful blue eyes, you could choose the rimless eyeglasses which could make your blue eyes stand out. The rimless eyeglasses could be perfect for you which is so transparent for you. You could take this type of the eyeglasses into consideration. You may go to the online store to have a search because the price there is suitable.

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