How to buy sunglasses that flatter your face?

My classmate told me that choosing sunglasses shall depend on face shape. It sounds reasonable. But i still have no idea what type of sunglasses shall i choose for my face. By the way, i have a short and chubby face Do you have any good idea?
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  • Rick Johnson

    Yes, it is very important to choose sunglasses according to your face shape if you want to get a good look. In common, people are suggested to buy sunglasses that contrast their face shape. As your description, you are shall avoid square and big lenses sunglasses. Besides, Rounded shaped sunglasses are not match your chubby face. Perhaps you can consider small rectangular sunglasses, wayfarer sunglasses and cat eye style sunglasses. Hope this can help you.
  • walker8016

    Don't worry, guy. I think any kind of sunglasses will fit for chubby face. If you want to be cute, you can try a pair of sunglasses with big lenses. If you want to be fashion, you can try framed plastic sunglasses. If you want to be elegant, you can turn to some magazines and then follow some elegant ladies. I just bought a pair of this kind of sunglasses last week, you can click to see whether you like it or not. Or you can go to an eyeglasses shop to have a try.

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