How soon can i drive after having cataract surgery?

I am a cab driver. I will have my cataract surgery next week. How soon can I drive after that surgery?
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  • Alexander

    I suggest you to recover for a period of time before you driving. You know, a good rest can drive away disease quickly.However, if you insist driving, remember not to drive the same day you have cataract surgery. At least, you can only drive until you recover your good vision, what do you think? And here is another way just in case, you can wear new spectacles when driving after your surgery. That will help you a lot. I hope this works.
  • Caspar

    You had better not do that,that is a risk.I know the procedure of the surgery will be very short.But there are a lot of things you should pay attention to after that surgery.First you have to get a rest until you no longer feel dizzy from the sedation or anesthesia. This rest usually will take you about one hour.Don't panic if you find that your vision seems blurry and distorted.You have to know that it takes time to recover to your normal sight.Especially at night or during naps,this situation becomes more serious.So I suggest you go to consult a doctor after you recover your vision.I think this will work for you.

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