How much is the average cost of glasses at lenscrafters?

I want to buy prescription eyeglasses. And my friend said that lenscrafters is good place to go. But i have budget every month. And i have no idea the cost of the glasses at lenscrafters. Can you tell me How much is the average cost of glasses there?
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  • Kelley

    The price of the glasses at lenscrafters depends on the frame and lenses you choose. And the price of eyeglasses frame ranges from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. As for the price of lenses, I heard that you may possibly to got a pair of plastic CR-39 no coatings Single Vision lenses around $80. But if you want bifocal or progressive lenses, it need more money. Usually, it is about $120 for standard bifocals and around $200+ for standard progressive. Hope these information can help you.
  • handsome____boy

    Come on,this is hard to answer.U have to know that the cost of a pair of glasses depends on a lot of factors such as the material of ur frame,the lenses and some other factors.If u want to make ur nose suffer little,then I will strongly recommend u to get a pair of plastic glasses.U should know that metal glasses can be very heavy on ur nose and I don't think u can hold that.As to the lenses,I would also love to recommend plastic lenses to u cuz plastic lenses r also very light for u.

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