William clive

How much does Walmart charge for eye exam?

I'm going to take an eye exam at Walmart. Does anyone know how much an eye exam in Walmart cost?
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Answers (3)

  • crockettcastle

    Speaking of eye exam cost, the cost of eye exam in Walmart is cheaper. The average cost is about $50. It seems that different Walmart in different places have different prices, so I suggest you to find Walmart in your area to ask the details.
  • campbell

    Well, having an eye exam in local optical shop such as Lenscrafters, Walmart is cheap. Walmart is a good place to go for an eye text due to the expertise, good service and cheap prices. An eye exam Walmart may cost you about $50. Good luck.
  • walkingalone123

    Taking a full exam is important for your eyes. Speaking of which, Walmart is a professional place and they will exam your eyes carefully. When it comes to the cost of an eye exam, Walmart will not cost you much. You may pay about $50 for an eye text.

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