How much does an eye exam cost at costco without insurance?

I plan to take an eye exam recently, and my friends recommend me to go to costco. Do you guys know how much an eye exam costs at costco without insurance?
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  • Susan Wright

    Well, if I didn' t remember wrong, it will just cost you around 50 dollars. As far as what I know, their prices usually range from 50 dollars to 150 dollars. Of course the prices depend on what kind of eye exams you are going to take. However, if you just want to take a basic eye exam, I think you can just choose one which is around 50 dollars.
  • Jack taylor

    Well, I never get an eye exam in costco, but I had one in Lens Crafters and it costed me about $115. Further, my insurance covers exam every two years, while my eyes are changing significantly so that I need to go again every one year. However, doctors quoted at $285 for vision and contact exam in costco for a thorough exam. In a word, the prices depend on their review serves and authority. I had to work it at $47 for a glasses exam, and $99 for glasses and the spherical contact lens fitting exam. In general, those with no eye insurance will call around to strike a better deal. It is worth mentioning that $100 for contacts exam at Sears, and $65 to $100 at Walmart optical.
  • walkinpaperdoll

    Different kinds of eye exams will cost you differently at costco, guy. I think you can find their instructions and everything on their official page. But i have heard that eye exams there are not as expensive as they are in walmart or lenscrafters. Anyway, you may have a look. In most cases, I mean, if you don' t require some other service, it will just cost you around 50 dollars. Wish this could help.

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