How much are progressive lenses?

Recently, many people choose progressive lenses for their glasses. This time, I want to choose progressive lenses in replace of my old bifocal lenses. Do you guys know how much do progressive lenses often cost?
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  • coppercoconut19

    Since progressive lenses are more functional than bifocal lenses, progressive lenses are more expensive than bifocals and single vision lens. Speaking of which, the price is different, depending on many factors, such as places, brands, etc. there is one thing for sure. The progressive lenses at online optical stores are cheaper than those in the local eyeglasses shops. Therefore, more and more glasses wearers prefer buying glasses lenses and frames online. You can find some big optical eyewear stores that have good reputations to buy progressive lenses.
  • carpediem__

    It depends. Progressive lenses can be very expensive. However, it also can be very affordable sometime. For budget people, buying progressive lenses online is a good way to go. And progressive lenses from good online eyeglasses stores are also high quality and satisfy your vision needs. Well, the price of progressive lenses provided by online glasses stores are also different, varying by different store, brand. Zeneis.com, Firmoo.com, and framedirect.com are popular online eyewear stores and you can have a look.

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