How long to get prescription glasses from walmart?

I am planning to buy a pair of prescription glasses from walmart. I just need to know how long it takes to get my prescription glasses from walmart. Will it take very long?
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  • Anita

    Personally, I waited nearly for two weeks then I finally got my eyeglasses. I was told that walmart didn' t make glasses for me and my glasses were actually sent to another factory to be made. But I don' t care, I just feel happy to get my glasses, lol. Perfect glasses, although not of some big brands but still very comfortable to wear. They provide me with very correct prescription which makes me very happy.
  • Joshua?

    If your buy the prescription glasses from their shop, it won't wait for a long time. Usually, it takes 40 minutes to 1 hour. In fact, during this time, you can go around and shopping near the shop, then came back to take the eyeglasses. But if you want to buy prescription eyeglasses from walmart online, it may take several days for process and shipping.

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