How long should a child wear an eyepatch?

My son got hurt in his left eye so I have to get him to wear an eye patch these days, how long should children wear eye patch?
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  • gerard

    Usually children wearing eye patch should not be over eight hours. Once it is over that time, you could suggest him to take it off. The eye patch could protect his eyes get damage again and protect them to some degree. You could also do the warm compress for your son at home which could also be helpful for his left eye. You could have a try.
  • Christina nelson

    Well, your question is a tricky one, because I do not know how bad is your son's situation. So I have to tell you that it depends. But I can tell you that how long i will take for the majority examples according to their levels of the hurting eyes. If your son just hurt his left eyelid for some reason, and it does not hust that bad, he can get rid of the eye patch for maybe just three days. And you have to change his eye patch everyday for him if he hurt his left eyelid, because his eyes need to get some fresh air. And you have to make sure the eye patch is clear enough, othwise, his eye can get infected. And if his hurt is on the inside part of his eye, you'd better take him to the doctor and let his doctor take care of it. And also he doctor will tell you when to take off the eye patch from him. And it may takes even longer under this situation.

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