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How long does it take to heal a scratch on your eye?

I got a scratch on my eye this morning and I don' t feel well about this, can anyone tell me how long it takes to heal a scratch on my eye.
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  • Caleb

    Normally speaking, scratches that are not too sever can recover in 24 to 49 hours. These scratches are not very serious and can't go deep into the corneal or into other tissues. However, permanent damage can be done if the scratch is too bad. If you feel consistent and acute pain, you need to go to see a doctor as soon as possible before the situation get worse.
  • Miranda hall

    Well, it is hard to tell how long it will take to heal the scratch on your eye, because it depends on how bad the scratch is. Not only people's eyes are very sensitive, but also the skin around our eyes is very sensitive. So we should be really gentle to our eyes. Besides, we should not rub our eyes whenever we do not feel comfortable about them. For one thing, we may get red eyes because the rubbing. For another, we may get scratches on our eyes just like what you have got. Generally speaking, if the scratch on your eye is not so bad, it usually takes around a week to be healed. But if the scratch on your eye is really a bad one, you may need much patience because it will take a while. If you want it be ok quickly, you can use some anti-inflammatory as well.
  • walkinginstars

    It is very bad for you to have the scratch in the eye. In order to let it get infection when having the invisible bacterium, you need to use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to make your eyes get comfortable and moisture. The eye drops will make your eyes get moisture. You could also get rid of the bacterium in the eyes. You could also do the warm compress to make your eyes get comfortable and make the scratch get well soon.

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