How long after cataract surgery can i wash my hair?

I just had my cataract surgery yesterday morning, and I want to know that how long I can wash my hair after that.
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  • Brittany

    Generally speaking, you can wash your hair five to seven days after the cataract surgery. But you need to be careful enough not to let the water enter your eyes. Also, you need to avoid taking in irritant things like spicy food, caffeine, or alcohol. To help you recover faster, you can have more food rich in vitamin A such as animal liver, fish, and carrots.
  • John

    You can wash your hair at anytime after cataract surgery, but do not let the water run directly into the eyes. Firstly, you can have someone to wash your hair instant of yourself. Secondly, you also need to wear some good shield such as swimming goggles. In order for insurance purposes, you should wash hair after 3 days later.
  • Brandon

    Ok, congratulations that you surgery sounds successful. But anyway, there is still a long way to go before you are finally recovered and allowed to return to normal life. Because the surgery requires intensive care to your eyes. Generally speaking, you cannot wash your hair within 3 days, and you must not let water in your eyes within 1 month, after that, you are good to go again. Just follow the doctor's instructions and pay attention to your eye health in the future.

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