How is frames direct return policy?

I just got a pair of glasses from FrameDirect, but I don' t like its color very much, can I return them? How is frames direct return policy?
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  • hill

    I am not that quite clear about that, but I suggest you to check http://www.framesdirect.com/. They seem to have some instructions about return policy. I bet it can help you. I heard that they could accept products returned within 30 days. But you may have to undertake the freight yourself if your glasses' quality is good. Anyway, you had better check the details first.
  • b0rkb0rkb0rk

    Aha, you are asking the right person now. I once returned my sunglasses to framedirect. It may sound a little bit complicated but actually it is not that hard. First of all, you should log into their account and then mail them. You should remember that your return will be invalid if you don' t log in. Besides, you have to return everything you got at first that includes unused warranty cards, instruction booklets, cleaning cloths, and cases. If you want to know the updated information of your returning goods, you might as well contact customer service.

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