Sara scott

How is eyeglasses. com' return policy?

I plan to buy my sister a pair of glasses from, but I just worry about that what if I feel unsatisfied about the glasses. Does have return policy?
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  • Daniel christian

    Eyeglasses. com of course has return policy. But before you plan to return the glasses, you have to make sure of some items. First of all, you have to guarantee your glasses to be in a perfect condition and everything you received are still unopened. However, if your glasses are missing during the halfway after you return them, the company will not refund you, so you had better choose a good way to return your glasses. By the way, remember to write your order number on the package and your reasons why you want to return your glasses, which are very important. If you still want to know more about their return policy, you can go to I wish this could help you.

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