How expensive are prescription sunglasses?

I am nearsighted. So, i want to buy prescription sunglasses. However, i heard that prescription sunglasses are very expensive. Really? How expensive they are?
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  • Cassidy

    Yes, prescription sunglasses are more expensive that regularly sunglasses. However, it is not too expensive if you not pursuit of brand sunglasses. Besides, your can order prescription sunglasses from online shop which are much cheaper than you bought them from local eyeglasses shop. In common, you are expected to get a pair of good prescription sunglasses over one hundred of dollars.
  • Emma

    It is not too expensive to buy a pair of prescription sunglasses. If you have budget on sunglasses, you can order it online. I have bought a pair of sunglasses from an online shop, firmoo.com. The sunglasses look really nice and well made. And the sunglasses are very affordable that only cost me dozens of dollars. You can go and have a look. Hope this can help you.

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