How do I stop my sunglasses from fogging up?

What can I do to prevent my sunglasses from fogging up? Any solutions?
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  • walking_lives_

    Well, I think you are quite upset about the fog on your sunglasses lenses. Indeed, such fog would prevent us from seeing things clearly. But anyway, there simply no effective means to change the situation, except for some new high-tech lenses, which are called anti-fog lenses. They are available at some large optical stores or Walmart vision center. Might be a little pricey, but they are worth it.
  • kathy

    Here are the solutions for you to refer: 1.You can apply some soap or toothpaste to your glasses. Wait until they are dry. Wipe out the extra soap and toothpaste to left a thin layer on the glasses. This layer can prevent your glasses from fogging up. 2.Some products are designed to stop fogging such as anti-fog spray. You can buy it and apply to your glasses. 3. When you are buying glasses, make sure there is enough space between your eyes and the frames for vents or air ducts. The more air flows through, the less fog will occur to your glasses. 4.When you are going to a place where there is a great temperature difference, you can put your glasses on your head for a while until it adjust to the temperature there.
  • Melanie

    There are many ways to prevent that happening. 1, you should buy sunglasses that properly. Sunglasses don't touch your face directly. In other words, sunglasses with lenses aren't going to touch the skin. 2, the most efficient method: Wash your sunglasses with the soap, toothpaste, or hair gel. You can do this in home. 3, you can clean your sunglasses with a lens cleaner. And a lens cleaner can be bought in any pharmacy. Spray the liquid in your sunglasses and use a rage to wipe it off. 4, you can buy an anti-fog coating or solution your sunglasses in any eyeglass specialty store.

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