How do i reduce eye strain?

How to relieve my eye strain? Any suggestions?
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  • evilbunny1369

    In terms of eye strain, there can be several symptoms such as a headache, watery eyes once in a while, itchy eyes and blurry vision, etc. You just can' t be sure if one of those symptoms is telling you that you are having eye strain now. Of course there is no way for you to get eye strain when you wake up in the morning, because that is the time you just have a long rest. It usually happens during the noon and especially in the afternoon. At this moment, you need to relax your eyes and try not to focus your eyes on the computer screen or any small objects. You might as well go by the window to let your eyes breathe some fresh air.
  • fergus

    People suffered from eye strain my experience itchy, red and dry eyes. Some people even feel headaches. And the continuous reading or hard work can blamed to the eye strain. To reduce eye strain, you shall stop your reading or work and get a good rest. Here are some tips that may help you relieve eye strain quickly: Close your eyes as tight as possible and then, open your eyes quickly. Repeat it several times. Besides, you shall train your eye muscle by change your focus from right to left up and down. Still repeat it several times. At last, close your eyes and keep it for a while. Hope this can help you.

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