neva taylor

How can i stop my glasses from slipping ?

It seems that my eyeglasses is a little bigger than my head. They often slipping from my nose. Is there anything i can do to stop it?
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  • christraper

    As you said, your eyeglasses are a little bigger than your head. So, it is normal that eyeglasses slipping from your nose. If you want to stop it, you shall adjust your eyeglasses frame so as to fit for your head. Here a way that may help you. Use hairdryer to blow your eyeglasses frame about 10-15 minutes. Then, you can adjust the frame as you want. Then, clean it. This is the simplest ways to adjust the frame. I wish it could help to you. Good luck.
  • Sig

    you can bind some strings in the temples of your glasses to straighten out the arms of the frames then remolding them to fit perfectly around your ear. you can tighter your frames to the backs of your ears. while this is a difficult to do. You can fix this problem. The best way is to consult your optometrists and ask for the most experienced optician to help you. Or you can buy another pair.

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