Caleb murphy

How can i save money on eyeglasses?

I am nearsighted, and i always need eyeglasses. But prescription eyeglasses are not cheap. Also, my old eyeglasses are look stupid, i want to buy a pair of nice eyeglasses like most of girls worn. Any idea? I want to get nice eyeglasses at less amount of money. How can i save money on eyeglasses?
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Answers (2)

  • cdale

    It sounds that you want to buy some affordable eyeglasses. If so, you can search some nice eyeglasses from online shop. Today, online prescription eyeglasses are available at a affordable price. So, you can save money on buying online eyeglasses. If you have no experience of buying online eyeglasses, you can just pick up cheap and nice eyeglasses frame online and fill your prescription lenses in local eyeglasses shop. Hope this can help you.
  • Alexander green

    Oh, I have the same problem as you. I want to save money. But i want to buy new and nice eyeglasses instead of my old, heavy and stupid eyeglasses. Finally, i got a pair of nice eyeglasses in a local shop at discount. But for people, i still think they are a little expensive even if they give me discount. Also, my classmate told me that online eyeglasses are much cheaper. Maybe you can have a try.

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