Cassidy bell

How can I repair my broken plastic-framed glasses?

I broke my eyeglasses. But i don't want to buy new one for my thin purse. Is there anyway that i can repair it? Any idea?
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Answers (2)

  • casebell

    Hi, it depends on how badly damages of your plastic eyeglasses. Please check what kind of damages of your frame. If it is caused by losing screws, you can tighten the eyeglasses frames with screws. However, if it caused by broken of the plastic frame such as arm or nose bridges, it is very difficult to fix them. Maybe you can fix them with adhesive tape by warp the broken part. It looks ugly if you do that. If so, you'd better buy a new pair. And you can expected to get some cheap but good quality eyeglasses from online shop. Good luck.
  • EDWIN Caster

    Poor guy, I am sorry to hear that but I think you may need to buy a pair of new glasses. Once my classmate just broke the one of the arms of her glasses, she consulted the optometrist while the guy told her that he can't fix the broken arm. If she likes, she could use glue to put the two parts together and then apply stick band to twine those two parts. But this will make your glasses look ugly. Or you can search on the internet to see whether there are some glasses that you can afford. I heard that the glasses sold by Firmoo is cheaper and with great quality, so you can have a look first.

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