How can I get an eyelash out of my eye?

Sometimes I will get an eyelash in my eye by accident, and it really makes my eye hurt. What can I do to get an eyelash out of my eye?
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  • Calvin

    I have to say it also happens to me, a lot. Actually, every people can get eyelashes in their eyes by accident almost everyday. I usually prefer some eye drops when that happens to me. When you are using eye drops, the eyelash will flow out from your eyes with the drops. you can go with the drops, and you can go with your tears, too. I mean you can cry them out. Becuse when you are crying, the eyelash will also flow out from your eyes, but with your tears. It is for the same reason. If you do not want to more into your eyes like drops and tears, you can also try to scrape it out with a cotton swab. But you have to make sure it is clean and be gentle, othwise, you may hurt your eyes with the cotton swab.
  • cody88

    Hmm, this situation has already happened to me many times. And I know how it feels. At first, you will feel your eyes so itchy and a little painful, am I right? Well, I have some basic ways for you but I don' t know if they also work for you. You can roll your eye balls in front of a mirror, and in most cases the eyelash will roll out itself. However, if the eyelash is deep in your eyelid, you can try some mild eye drops, which can flush it out. Just remember one thing, do not use your finger to dig it out, your eyes will get hurt. You know what? If you really feel uncomfortable, and at the same time, your eyes are getting redder and redder, you need to go to a doctor for help as soon as possible.
  • Werner

    Well, looks like there is some slight problem with your eyes, which might be painful, for eyelash in your eyes could be tough for you. My advice for you is to get some normal saline to flush it out, and avoid rubbing your eyes, which may lead to infections or painful feelings. It is generally easy and you can set your mind at ease. Just try to be careful in the future, and make proper use of your eyes.

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