Danielle may

How can I choose a pair of eyeglasses frame if I have a high prescription?

I have a heavy prescription that makes me always look like a nerdy. What shall i do? How can i choose eyeglasses.
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  • EDGAR Schneider

    In common, people with high prescription, their prescription lenses are thick. To get a good look, you shall avoid rimless frame, and slim frames. You'd better choose thick but light eyeglasses frame for the lenses. Also, the frame shall not too thick. Apart from the frame, you can try to use high index lenses to reduce the thickness of your prescription lenses as possible as you can. Good luck.
  • Christina

    In terms of this,I think u don't have much choice cuz u should know that lenses that go with a high prescription must be very thick.In order to reduce the weight that stay on ur nose,I can only suggest u to get small sized frames.U need to know that the smaller the frame size u get,the lighter u will get on ur nose.For ur nose's sake,u need to get small frame,okay?

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