How about Ray Ban wayfarer prescription glasses?

I know that Ray Ban sunglasses are very famous. But how about their prescription glasses? I have saw a pair of Ray Ban wayfarer glasses. I want to buy them for fitting my prescription lenses. How do you think about the glasses? Are Ray Ban wayfarer prescription glasses good?
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Answers (2)

  • Jade

    I think Ray Ban wayfarer prescription glasses are good, and you should go there to buy glasses. First, the prescription glasses there are in fashion, and they have different wayfarer glasses. What's more, Ray Ban is very famous, and their products are all in high quality. Therefore, I am sure that you can get your satisfied prescription glasses there.
  • Caitlin owen

    If you buy glasses at Ray Ban optical stores, you will never feel that you are cheated. Although they are expensive, the products are all good in quality. Also you can get a pair of glasses which you really love, because you can choose your favorite glasses in amazing shape without worrying about their quality. So you should go there.

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