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  • I have no nearsightedness. But i want to wear eyeglasses for cool. And my friend told me that i can buy fake eyeglasses or clear lens glasses. What are they? Where can i get it?
    In Glasses -Asked by : Ana evelyn -2 answers -09/09/2013
  • I want buy some nice and fashionable eyeglasses. However, i don't plan to spend too much on it. Do you know any place that is willing to offer me some cheap fashionable eyeglasses?
    In Glasses -Asked by : maria calderin -2 answers -09/09/2013
  • I got terrible dry eyes and eye strain after work with computer a whole day. And my colleagues recommend me wear computer glasses. She said that it can help my eyes. Really? Does it really work? how can it reduce my eye strain?
    In Eye Health -Asked by : jimjames -2 answers -09/09/2013
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  • I have a pair of very ugly sunken eyes. It looks terrible. What causes? I am nearsighted and always wear eyeglasses. Is it a matter of wearing eyeglasses? What shall i do? How can i remove it?
    In Glasses -Asked by : Chris L. -2 answers -09/09/2013
  • I want to buy new eyeglasses. My sister said that frameless glasses are good for me. I tried, but i don't think they are good. But i want to know if frameless glasses are very popular today? I mean, if they are still in style?
    In Eye Health -Asked by : Alexa joyce -2 answers -09/10/2013
  • I have a pair of red plastic eyeglasses. They are dirty right now. There are some whites on the frame. How can i remove it? Can i wash them with soap water?
    In Glasses -Asked by : Jose joyce -2 answers -09/11/2013
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