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  • I am Nearsighted. And i need work with computer everyday. So, what kind of eyeglasses should i choose. My friend recommend me buy polycarbonate lenses for my eyeglass. Still some people recommend high index lenses. I have no idea which one to choose. Can you give me some suggestion?
    In Glasses -Asked by : Bruce Robot -2 answers -08/22/2013
  • I have a pair of nice memory metal glasses. However, they are out of shape by accident. What shall i do? How can i adjust them?
    In Glasses -Asked by : Alexander -1 answers -08/24/2013
  • I love the glasses that brad pitt worn in fight club. Do you know where i can find it?
    In Glasses -Asked by : evilrain -2 answers -08/26/2013
  • I have a oval face. But i have serious myopia. I really hate to wear eyeglasses, but i have to. I am here just want to ask some glasses that fit for my face. Do you have any good suggestion?
    In Glasses -Asked by : MANDY -2 answers -08/26/2013
  • My boyfriend always wear a pair of horn rimmed glasses. It looks stupid. How do you think of it? Will you accept a men always wearing horn rimmed glasses?
    In Glasses -Asked by : eagle_tester_3 -2 answers -08/27/2013
  • It is really hard to choose proper eyeglasses to fit for my face. I have a oblong but fat face. What kind of eyeglasses frame shall i choose? I want to a great look with the eyeglasses.
    In Glasses -Asked by : Carlos quick -2 answers -08/27/2013
  • I have mild astigmatism. So, i feel vision blurry sometimes. Should i wear eyeglasses all them time for vision aids? Or how can i get rid of mild astigmatism?
    In Eye Health -Asked by : Jada -2 answers -08/27/2013
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  • I love aviator eyeglasses very much. They are really cool. But i didn't find any aviator glasses in the eyeglasses shop around us. Is there any other ways that i can buy aviator glasses? Can you tell me where i can buy it?
    In Glasses -Asked by : Joseph campbell -2 answers -08/28/2013
  • I feel difficult to see distance objects. So, i took an eye exam and was told that i have poor eyesight because of myopia. Then, they give me a pair of prescription eyeglasses. I tried them, it give me good vision. But i wonder if wearing eyeglasses can make my eyesight better. Or shall i always need eyeglasses if i want to see better?
    In Glasses -Asked by : Collin Wallace -2 answers -08/28/2013
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  • I have already broke 3 pairs of eyeglasses in a year. And i really tired of buying eyeglasses. Now, i am looking for some very durable eyeglasses frames. Do you have any good idea? What are the best durable eyeglasses for me?
    In Glasses -Asked by : edward -2 answers -08/28/2013
  • I noticed that people around me like thick rimmed eyeglasses very much. Some of them wear thick rimmed glasses even if they have perfect vision. I just wonder why? Why they like thick rimmed glasses?
    In Glasses -Asked by : craziblondi36 -2 answers -08/30/2013
  • I love the eyeglasses that chris brown wearing in look at me now. Do you know what eyeglasses he wears. Any idea?
    In Glasses -Asked by : Andrea lester -2 answers -08/30/2013
  • Can wearing eyeglasses cause eyesight get worse. If so, what shall i do if i have myopia? I don't want my eyesight get worse again.
    In Glasses -Asked by : ea4ever2end -2 answers -09/02/2013
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  • I take an eye exam and get my prescription, But i am not sure that i can understand. The OD under DS, DC, A wrote -5.00, -0.50, 180 respectively. And the OS is -4.00 under DS. Can you tell me what does it mean? Am i have serious eye diseases?
    In Glasses -Asked by : Jonah -2 answers -09/02/2013
  • I love semi rimless glasses. I think they make me look smart. But my friend recommend me to buy thick black full frame. She said that they are popular in this year. So, i want to know if semi rimless glasses are also in style in 2013? Or it look stupid to wear them?
    In Glasses -Asked by : Colleen -2 answers -09/03/2013
  • I plan to buy a pair of prescription eyeglasses for my boyfriend. But i have no idea what eyeglasses frame will look good on him. Do you have any suggestion? What types of eyeglasses shall i choose?
    In Glasses -Asked by : Alexia gerard -2 answers -09/03/2013
  • I want to buy a pair of new eyeglasses. But i noticed that there are several types of lenses that i can choose. I have no idea which one to choose. Do you have any good idea? What are the best lenses shall i choose?
    In Eye Health -Asked by : crystalwhip -2 answers -09/04/2013
  • My mom need reading glasses. But she seldom wear them. She said that wearing eyeglasses can cause wrinkles around the eyes. Really? How it happen?
    In Glasses -Asked by : luis -2 answers -09/04/2013
  • I noticed that more and more classmate wear eyeglasses in recent years. I am so worried about it. I don't want to wear eyeglasses. What shall i do? How can i avoid of wearing glasses?
    In Glasses -Asked by : Arianna -2 answers -09/04/2013
  • I plan to buy a pair of eyeglasses for younger brother. Do you have any idea? what trendy eyeglasses do boy like?
    In Glasses -Asked by : Joseph campbell -2 answers -09/04/2013
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