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  • I have an asian friends. And also, i see a nice round glasses that may fit for her. But i am not sure. She has a oval face. Any suggestion? Will round glasses look good on an asian with oval face?
    In Glasses -Asked by : Lisa -2 answers -08/07/2013
  • I have some vision problems and i always take two pairs of eyeglasses to help me. So, my friend recommended me progressive lenses that can help me see all the distances through one pair of eyeglasses. It sounds great. And i plan to buy a pair. But my friend also told me that i must be careful for choosing eyeglasses frame for the lenses. Do you have any idea? What are best eyeglass frames for progressive lenses?
    In Glasses -Asked by : b3autiful___ -2 answers -08/08/2013
  • My friend recommend me to buy titanium eyeglasses frames for my prescription lenses. Are they good ? What are the features of titanium eyeglasses frames ?
    In Glasses -Asked by : Andrew Rabinowitz -2 answers -08/09/2013
  • I want to buy a new pair of prescription eyeglasses instead of my older and fade away plastic eyeglasses. I had have a look in a optical shop. But they are expensive. I have thin purse, Can you give me some suggestion? Where should I go for inexpensive eyeglasses?
    In Glasses -Asked by : eduardoroxmisox -2 answers -08/09/2013
  • My younger sister love to buy big plastic eyeglasses. She said it is very fashion to wear them. Really? i think they look silly with big plastic eyeglasses frame. Am i old? How do you think about them?
    In Glasses -Asked by : David cook -2 answers -08/09/2013
  • My mom loves collecting lovely eyeglasses. I want to buy a pair as her birthday gift. So, Any recommendation? What are some cute trendy eyeglasses for women?
    In Glasses -Asked by : John C. -2 answers -08/09/2013
  • I have a pair of nerd eyeglasses. My friends think it is so cute on me. But I also heard that some classmates said I am just a stupid when wearing those glasses. What am I going to do?
    In Glasses -Asked by : Ryan evelyn -2 answers -08/11/2013
  • Have you heard of single vision and progressive lenses? What their differences? I have myopia, what types of eyeglasses shall i choose?
    In Glasses -Asked by : Justin fergus -2 answers -08/12/2013
  • When i pick up eyeglasses, i find a pair of metal eyeglasses. They look nice. But it is expensive, the optician explain that the eyeglasses are made of titanium. How can know that the eyeglasses are made if titanium ? Any idea?
    In Glasses -Asked by : eddy -2 answers -08/12/2013
  • I broken my eyeglasses. And i bought a pair of new eyeglasses yesterday. So, what shall i do with my broken eyeglasses? Any idea? I just don't want to throw them away as waste.
    In Glasses -Asked by : John clark -2 answers -08/12/2013
  • I got a pair of new eyeglasses from online. But when i wear them, they often sliding down from my nose. Why? How can i stop it?
    In Glasses -Asked by : chatter_box505 -2 answers -08/12/2013
  • I am nearsighted, and i always need eyeglasses. But prescription eyeglasses are not cheap. Also, my old eyeglasses are look stupid, i want to buy a pair of nice eyeglasses like most of girls worn. Any idea? I want to get nice eyeglasses at less amount of money. How can i save money on eyeglasses?
    In Eye Health -Asked by : Caleb murphy -2 answers -08/12/2013
  • I want to buy cheap but good eyeglasses. Do you have any idea? Anyway that i can get good eyeglasses with less amount of money?
    In Glasses -Asked by : Ali -2 answers -08/13/2013
  • I heard that people can use medicare to pay for eyeglasses. Really? How much will medicare pay for eyeglasses ?. Or i can pay for a pair of eyeglasses for the totally cost of eyeglasses?
    In Glasses -Asked by : emmie18 -2 answers -08/13/2013
  • I got a pair of new plastic framed eyeglasses. But they are too big to my face. Is there anything that i can do to tighten my glasses?
    In Eye Health -Asked by : Erin rupert -2 answers -08/14/2013
  • I never wear eyeglasses. But in recently, i feel vision blurry. My classmate suggest me to buy a pair of new eyeglasses. Does it really work? What can i expected to get from new eyeglasses. Are they help me see things clear?
    In Glasses -Asked by : walkingthedog -2 answers -08/14/2013
  • I got a little paint on my plastic eyeglasses. What shall i do? How can i remove it?
    In Glasses -Asked by : Jean Caster -2 answers -08/15/2013
  • I have a pair of nice clear lens eyeglasses that worn for look. But now, i was diagnosed myopia. So, I wonder if i can make the clear lens glasses into prescription? Or shall i bought a pair of new eyeglasses?
    In Glasses -Asked by : Rick Johnson -2 answers -08/15/2013
  • My eyeglasses got some scratches. What shall i do? Can i remove them? Or shall buy a new pair?
    In Glasses -Asked by : Ariana kirk -2 answers -08/19/2013
  • I am a girl with nerdy glasses. My friend said that i shall wear contact lenses since there is no boy like girl with eyeglasses. Really?
    In Glasses -Asked by : Gabriella -2 answers -08/20/2013
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