Does your eye color get lighter as you get older?

It is said that people' s eye color will get lighter as they get older, really? Sounds interesting.
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  • RJ

    The answer is no.Eye color won't change since people had been over 1 year old except for being changed by diseases. Eye color has been decided by gene before we were born. The color of eyes is decided by the melanin inside the iris stroma which will stays stable since we are one. It stays the same all the time except the melanin being changed by eye diseases.
  • chosen_cookie

    It is normal that eyes often change to a lighter hue. How and why eye color changes. As you know, our eye color is decided by genes. So people’s eye color originates with three genes instead of two genes, so it is a hard work to figure out the combination result of the genes. Although, we know the colored part of the eye is called the iris, which has pigmentation determining the color of out eyes. At the same time, the iris plays an important in expanding and controlling eye color. So when we are getting old, the pigments of iris is becoming more scarce. As a result, people’s eye color will get lighter. It’s so interesting.
  • chris R

    Yes, it is true. Firstly, you have to know that our eye color is decided by genetic trait from our parents. Maybe it is hard for you to get the meaning, but in simple words, your eye color can change with time according to your parents' eye colors. It is a combination of genes. In fact, it is decided by our pupil. When we get older, our eye color will change with our pupil color. It is not a big deal, so just relax yourself.
  • Nancy

    Ok, it seems that you are very interested in that. So, from what I know, the color of our eyes would not change during the course of our life. However, it should be noticed that sometimes people get some eye diseases, which would make their eyes change. Glaucoma makes eyes green, cataract makes eyes pale, etc. Anyway, try to attach importance to your eye health by all means.

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