Chris L.

Does wearing glasses cause sunken eyes?

I have a pair of very ugly sunken eyes. It looks terrible. What causes? I am nearsighted and always wear eyeglasses. Is it a matter of wearing eyeglasses? What shall i do? How can i remove it?
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  • Jessica Stevenson

    There are several factors that can be the causes of sunken eye look. But today, i never heard that wearing glasses can cause sunken eyes. But i believe wearing eyeglasses for long run may cause dark eye circles. As far as i know, lack of sleep, unbalanced weight loss, and dehydration may possible to cause sunken eyes, So, you shall ensure 8 hours of beauty sleep everyday and drink enough water so as to help you get rid of sunken eyes. It may takes time. So, you have to insist to do it. If it does not work, you may have to consult an doctor. Maybe, you need take a eyelid surgery.
  • walkingthedog

    Hi, I am sorry to heard that you suffered from sunken eyes. It is boring. I heard that massaging around your eyes with olive oil mixed with almond oil can help remove sunken eyes. But you need do it every night before you going to sleep and you have to insist it for about a month. If you don't have olive oil and almond oil, you can also massage your eyes around with honey mixed with lemon juice. Hope this can help you.

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