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Does tea tree oil help dark circles under eyes?

I heard that tea tree oil can help dark circles under eyes, is that true?
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  • baker

    Yeah, it helps a lot in removing dark circles. First of all, you have to know that, the skin around your eyes is very sensitive and fragile, you should not use your skin cream to protect the skin around your eyes. When you stay up, or work for a long time, the dark circles just appear. Sometimes, you will get your dark circles when you get ill, too. However, the tree oil can help relieve inflammation and sterilization around your eyes, but that needs really a very long process. So if you want to make this process fast, you had better choose some good eye cream, after all, they are designed by professional experts. I wish this could help.
  • carl

    I am afraid not. As far as I know, tea tree oil is only good for your skin because it can help control your skin’ s oil production. It has no reason in removing your dark circles. And I strongly recommend you not to put it around your eyes in case of side effects. However, spoke of getting rid of dark circles, I do have some ways for you. And my ways are quite simple and convenient. Prepare some cucumber slices, the colder, the better. Apply them to your eyes for a few min, and then have a nice sleep. In the next morning, you may see it at least works a little. Another way is to give yourself a milk compress. Prepare a clean cloth and some cold but fresh milk. Soak the cloth into the milk and then apply the cloth to your eyes. If you think this will not work too much, then I could only suggest you to buy a bottle of good eye cream in the store. Hope this helps.
  • Aaron may

    All right , I can see that you are unhappy with those dark circles, because they always upset you, anyway, it is true that tea tree oil would be of great use to your dark circles, since that problem is partly resulted from a lack of vitamins and nutritions , which are precisely what tea tree oil is enriched in. By apply some of the oil around your eyes, plus some good rest and healthy diet, you are very likely to get rid of them
  • Jean Caster

    Well, in terms of me, I only know that tea tree oil can be good for your skin but I have never heard that they can also be good for your dark circles. Maybe it can, and I just know nothing about that. You should know that it contains natural antibacterial properties which can be very good to make your skin smooth and beautiful. In the same way, I think they can also be good for your dark circles.

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