Chris L.

Does sinus infection cause eye twitching?

Since I got a sinus infection, I have found that I get eye twitching once in a while. I want to know that whether my sinus infection causes eye twitching.
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Answers (2)

  • Caitlin owen

    Yes, it does. Do you know? The nerves in your eyes pass through your sinuses directly to your brain. When your sinuses are inflamed, your nerves will get irritated, which will lead to a sinus infection. And then the pressure will expand to your nerves around your eyes. And that is why you get eye twitching when suffering from a sinus infection. If you try to make your eye twitch stop, the best way for you is to get enough sleep. Being too exhausted will make this happen more often.
  • Zoe

    Surely it will cause eye twitching. As long as your get a sinus infection, your eye nerves will go in disorder and some other orgasms will definitely be affected. As we know that, our nose,eyes and throat are linked together, and that is why they can affect each other. But I strongly recommend you to go to the doctor for help. If you don' t cure your sinus infection early, the things will just turn worse.

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