Does sinus infection cause double vision?

Why I usually get double vision?Is that in relation with my sinus infection?
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  • walking_lives_

    In common cases,the symptoms of a regular sinus infection are a running nose,congestion,watery eyes and a headache.Since you mentioned your double vision,I guess it may have something to do with your sinus infection.You know,a serious sinus infection will impair your eye muscles and that usually leads to your eye's moving up and down,so your double vision appears.You said this happens to you often,then I will strongly recommend you to go to the doctor as soon as possible.Don't ignore a sinus infection,when it gets worse,it may even cause harm to your brain.Best wishes to you!!!
  • Jade scott

    Well, it seems that you have got some troubles with your eyes and your nose. Seriously speaking, it is right that sinus infection would give rise to some problems with your eyes, for nose is quite close and interconnected with your eyes, which could lead to some problems with your eyes, such as blurred vision, painful eyes, and your double vision is quite possible. Anyway, you must try to get some medical treatment in time.

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