Does salt water help eye infection?

I usually read online and this morning I learned that salt water can help eye infection. Does that really work?

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  • edjuice

    Ok, I think you must be very interested in the functions of salty water. So, actully, salty water is officially called normal saline, which would be helpful with infections, such as eye problems or bacteria in our eyes. However, when making normal saline, you must follow the instructions and make sure the proportion is appropriate you know? More importantly, medication comes first when treating problems.
  • walkendeath

    Yes, saline can alleviate eye infection. The composition of salt water is just like that of natural tears, so it can provide similar function as the tears. It can flush out foreign bodies from the eye and relieve irritations. However, you can't apply salt water to your eyes, if there open sore or wounds inside or around your eye.
  • fergus

    It can help a little at the begining of one's eye infection. But you have to make sure the container and water you are using is clean. At the same time, you also have to make sure the density of the salt water is light. However, if you keeping using the salt water for a long time, it can do bad to your eyes. Because salt water can wash away the composition of your eyes such as protein and fat. And you can also get dry eyes from that. So be careful with that and you can also find a safe way to treat your infected eyes by using some eye drops.

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