Caitlin owen

Does ray ban do prescription sunglasses?

Does anyone know if ray ban do prescription sunglasses? How much do they cost?
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  • en_liten_glimt

    Yes, they do. Actually, mine is Ray-Ban sunglasses with prescription lenses. They do provide me with a very clear and wide vision. I just love them so much and I really want to wear them everywhere. But I have to admit that this is kind of expensive. If you are affordable to buy ray ban prescription sunglasses, you just do it. But if not, you may try this way. Get a good pair of ray ban frame and then you can take your frame to an optical store to have your sunglasses lenses to be added to your new frame, what do you think? I hope this can do you a favour.
  • harris

    Usually, Ray Ban sold non prescription sunglasses lenses. But prescription Ray Ban sunglasses are available if you need. Maybe you have to order prescription Ray Ban sunglasses if you want to get vision aids. I have a friend Tom, he have a pair prescription Ray Ban sunglasses. His sunglasses are made with flash lenses. I don't know where he bough it. But it illustrate that you probably get prescription Ray Ban sunglasses. As for the price, you can go a Ray Ban shop and consult their seller.

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