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Does kidney problems cause red eyes?

One of my friends has kidney problems for years. Is that why he always has red eyes?
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  • Fari Tackaberry

    True, it is said that kidney problems can cause red eyes. We all know that the common kidney diseases are diabetes and high blood pressure. Both of the two diseases can lead to your vision problems quite easily. You know, high blood pressure can make the blood vessels around your eyes enlarged, which is the main cause of your red eyes. You know, the direct victim would definitely be your retina. it has been proved that your retina could be damaged badly if you are suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes. So I suggest you to keep a healthy diet and happy life every day. Anyway, I wish this could help you.
  • Pete

    Well, firstly, you should know what diseases can kidney problems cause. In most cases, there are high blood pressure and diabetes. Actually, it is a common sense. Diabetes can lead to cataracts while high blood pressure can lead to glaucoma. You should know that cataracts develop with your age. I mean, with time going by, your will get blurred vision. However, glaucoma can damage your nerves around your eyes, which is even worse because you may suffer from a partial or total loss of vision if you don' t pay enough attention to this problem. As you know, any of the symptoms could make you get red eyes. You should try your best to balance your life and your diet. Don' t panic, you will be fine, just make sure that you get your situation checked at least once a year in the hospital.
  • b2jb

    Ok, it seems that your friend has got something serious. Because kidney is of great importance to anyone. As a matter of fact, red eyes is mainly resulted from bad use of our eyes and some lack of sleep, etc. Generally speaking, kidney has little connections with eyes. So I suggest that you try to take your friend to visit a doctor and follow their instructions. Also, pay attention to his diet and way of life, rest, etc.
  • Luke oliver

    Yes, kidney problems can cause red eyes, but it is not absolutely. Red eyes are caused by a numbers of reasons. For example: physical irritation, allergies, conjunctivitis and fatigue are the common causes of red eyes. Kidney problems can not directly cause red eyes. However, if the kidney problem is in a bad way such as kidney infection that can cause red eyes.
  • b1wdancer23

    Minor kidney problems will not cause the eyes red. However, chronic kidney problems can make eye look red. As kidneys play as cleaner in people's body, they balance the chemicals in the blood when blood passes through them, thus to control blood pressure. However, diabetes and high blood pressure may cause kidneys problems, which can make thin blood vessel to be broken, then blood leaks into the vitreous, which is the clear, jelly-like substance that fills the inside of the eye. When too much blood leaks into the vitreous, it will may make the eyes look red.

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