Zoe may

Does insurance cover prescription sunglasses?

I have a thin purse. So, i just wondering if i can pay my prescription sunglasses by insurance. Does insurance cover prescription sunglasses?
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  • ellochkablecy

    I am not sure of it. Maybe you can ask your provider about that, also you can ask someone working in the optical store for help. I hear people say that if insurance can cover prescription glasses, the styles you can buy are limited, and the places is limited, too. So if you don't have enough money, you can borrow some from your friends and get the glasses without limitation.
  • Kaylee

    Some insurance can cover prescription sunglasses, but some insurance can't. You'd better ask your provider, because some insurance can only cover glasses in certain styles from certain places. So if you have enough money, I suggest you buy them in cash, because you can buy any type you want, and also buy them at any place. Hope you will get the glasses you like.

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