Does Howard Stern always wear sunglasses?

Does Howard Stern always wear sunglasses? What kind of sunglasses does he like?
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  • Bob Witek

    I surfing the Internet and find that Howard Stern wears sunglasses in his most public occasions. His sunglasses vary a lot from one to another. But they are mainly dark colored and seem quite expensive. It seems that he prefers corner-free sunglasses to square-shaped ones. Though the sunglasses he wear suit with his hair well, I think he looks much cooler and more energetic without sunglasses cause I like his blue eyes.
  • christy9589

    When someone mentions Howard Stern, we may not know which title should we name him, because he is a host of tv talk show, the king of media in America, a producer, a script writer, and a director. He has so many titles. Howard Stern is my favorite host and I really love his style of hosting a talk show. And we can always see Howard Stern wear sunglasses. Although Howard Stern may a little older now, but he still looks great with his sunglasses. Yes, he still gets it. However, you may find that his sunglasses are not like the ones which stars in nowadays are wearing, because most of his sunglasses are oblong ones with thin and metal frames. Howard' s sunglasses are symbols of his styles and his ages. Howard Stern is a famous star of last century. So I guess that is a reason why he likes sunglasses with thin and metal frames.
  • Cameron

    Yes. He always wears sunglasses. Generally speaking, celebrities are always wearing sunglasses. Meanwhile, they are always changing their sunglasses continually. I think he looks very cool. Sometimes, he wears Ray Ban sunglasses. However, he likes Oliver Peoples sunglasses very much. You can find out the pictures on the Internet. All of the sunglasses can be bought on online shopping, especially the official websites.

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