Does Hopsin wear contacts?

I bet Hopsin must wear contacts a lot. Does he? What kind of contacts does he prefer to wear?
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  • copyofme

    Yes, he usually wears contacts. I think he does this for standing out his character. I really admire him a lot coz that his color of contacts seems to be white. If you don' t know him, you may think that he is kind of creepy, lol. But as you may know, stars usually have their unique style, so that is why they are always being imitated. Personally, white contacts may be hard to be found in those optical stores but I think you may get them online.
  • chemicalumnesnt

    Yes, of course he usually wears colored contacts. You have to know that as a star, he has to take some moves to get himself be known to others. I really like him and his bold style. He is a special star who is so brave enough to wear white colored contacts. I am not sure that if he is the only star who does so, but I think I am in love with him and I would love to follow his trend, lol.
  • Andrea warren

    Hopsin must be a Rap Genius by being bold and creative, which also be emphasized by his Funk Volume release. The wild image masks that Hopsin created never fail to awake lyrical paradigm, which is a special method to represent his madness. In order to receive such effects, he may resort to some special-effect contacts to make his eyes impressive. I mean, you can look his posters carefully, you can find that the white part of his eyes appears so salient that you may feel his iris very small and contricted. As a result, we think he is cool and special, and he achieves his goal to be the unique one.

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