Caroline hill

Does eye strain cause vertigo?

I doubt that eye strain will cause vertigo, please tell me if it is true, coz I really don' t feel well.
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  • erickie6

    All right, I can see that you are worried about your eye health. Anyway, eye strain is very popular which would be resulted from too much work and no breaks. Of course, fatigue and eye strain would make you uncomfortable, leading to some problems like vertigo and blurry vision, and headaches. Therefore, you have to get proper rest from time to time, remember, work is not all that we wanted.
  • elen_t

    Yes, it can absolutely can. As you may know, your eye strain may be caused by fatigue, or some illness. You don' t need to worry too much about that. You will be fine very soon. In order to improve this situation, you need to take more breaks. And try to do eye exercise when you are free. And pay more attention to your diet, try to eat more food and vegetable that contain rich vitamins. Don' t give yourself too much pressure, relax your eyes and then you will feel much better.

    Eye strain occurs when your eyes get tired from intense use, such as driving a car for extended periods, reading, or working at the computer. Eye strain can cause a series of symptoms such as headaches, back/neck aches, nausea, and etc. Vertigo can also be deemed as a symptom of eye strain. But don't be worry, since eye strain is only a symptom, but not a disease. It can be generally treated by resting your eyes. However, if you still don't feel well after fully rest your eyes, you must go to see a doctor. He or she will do an examination and decide whether your vertigo is caused by eye strain.
  • walkingaround

    That's right. Eye strain can cause dizziness, vertigo, or migraine. The nerves of eyes are connected to the brain and other nerves. When you stress your eyes and tire the muscles, more blood will be pumped to function your eyes. As a result,a lack of blood circulation in nearby nerves or the brain can trigger migraine or vertigo. You may feel dizzy and faint.

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