Does depression cause dark circles?

I am very depressed these days coz of my resigning from my job. What is worse, this morning I found that I got dark circles. God, don' t tell me my dark circles are caused by depression. I really need help.
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  • cherrygaru

    I am so sorry to know that. But sadly, it is true depression or negative feelings would make dark circles happen, for all they are resulted from a lack of sleep, bad use of eyes, etc. I personally recommend taking some time to relax and find happy thing in your life. There is still a long way to go, who knows what happens next? Just get some adequate rest and healthy food. And take more exercises if necessary.
  • walkersville

    Actually, depression not directly cause dark circle but indirectly. There are many reasons can cause dark circle such as aging, genetics, nutritional deficiency, sleep deprivation or fatigue, hormonal changes and allergies. According what you said, I don't think you sleep well in the night and eat well. Because you are influenced by depression of resign. A lack of sllep and nutritonal deficiency results in pale skin, which make blood under the skin more darker. Therefore, you should keep a good lifestyle and eating habits.
  • Mike

    At the very begining, I also think dark circles have nothing to do with depression. But I got black eyes for several times when I was caught in depression. Then I went to ask for help from a doctor. The doctor told me that depression could be the cause of dark circles. That is because when you are in depression, you become sleepless. And the lack of sleep causes bad circulation of eye blood. And then you get dark circles because of that. In addition, when you are in depression, congested channels will cause blocking of blood circulation and then you will also look pale. So you should get out of depression and think of something good. Be happy and you will be healthy.

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