Justin williams

Does cocoa butter help dark circles under eyes?

My boyfriend told me to use coca butter to remove my dark circles. Am I supposed to believe him? I never heard about that.

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  • Carlos rodney

    Sounds interesting, but I heard that it didn' t work well. You know, cocoa butter is a kind of fat, I don' t think that it can help you with your dark circles. Actually, I even never heard that it can do anything good to our skin. However, spoke of removing dark circles, I have some other ways for you. Try cucumber slices, cucumber slices contains rich vitamins which can fade melanin around your eyes, if you stick to doing it every day, things will become better. I don' t mean you eat them, I mean you apply them to your eyes. Remember, cold ones can work even better. Besides cucumber slices, milk is also a good choice for getting rid of your dark circles. Get a clean and soft cloth and some fresh milk. Soak your cloth into the milk and then apply them to your eyes, after a few min, the dark circles will fade and your skin will become as smooth as a baby. You will love this way, I assure you.
  • Cassidy bell

    I have to admit that cocoa butter has a lot of benefits. But to be honest, removing the dark circles is not one of them. It is good for your skin coz it can bring a lot of vitamins to your skin. However, you had better not expect too much on its removing dark circles. It is usually used by people in their lotion, cosmetics and sometimes even in medications. It is quite a helpful thing.
  • Alexandria

    Ok, it seems that you are annoyed by those dark circles, for those stuff would seriously damage your personal image and your confidence. Anyway, cocoa butter if one of the best anti-oxidant , which might not help with your dark circles, that is mainly used to treat skin problems. Anyway, you should get adequate rest and make proper use of your eyes, that make more sense. Also, try to get some lemon juice, which might be of great use to you.
  • b3autiful_s0ul

    As a matter of fact, many people are faced with the problem of dark circles. There are many factors that can lead to dark circles. In general, lack of sleep, pressure and depression can be the most common reason. Besides, allergies, sun exposure, lack of nutrients, can also be the reasons. It is true that dark circles make us look not beautiful. So it is necessary to know something to prevent or remove dark circles. Here are some suggestions to help you. 1: Healthy lifestyle can be of much importance. It is suggested that you had better take enough water and have good sleep. 2: A balanced diet can help to remove dark circles. Taking more fresh vegetables and fruits will be beneficial, because they are rich in Vitamins. So coca butter can be useful. 3: Apply pieces of cool cucumber on your eyes for about few minutes. 4: Avoid starring at the computer for a long time. 5: Stopping drinking and smoking.

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