Does chamomile tea lighten eyes?

My best friend recommends me to use chamomile tea to lighten eyes. Can that be helpful?
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  • Andrea lester

    Yes, you could use chamomile tea to lighten eyes because the inner materials will moisture your eyes. Your eyes will become bright. If you keep on doing this every day, your eyes will become bright. You could also eat more food with vitamin C which could also be effective and workable. You should have the good rest for the eyes from the healthy diet and good rest.
  • eomer_byrom

    Yes, you are right. Chamomile tea can be very useful in lightening your eyes. Its main function is to help relieve your eye tiredness. Besides, it also works very well to fatigue eyes and blurred vision. If you insist drinking cups of chamomile tea, I bet your eyesight will be improved as well.
  • Ethan edward

    No, of course not. Your eye color depends on the quantity of melanin and pigmentation of the iris. And all of them are determined by DNA. So for, there is no way to lighten your eye color. However, chamomile can be used in other circumstance. Chamomile oil is very useful in treating burns and scrapes. Moreover, it is benefit to lightening skin. In addition, chamomile tea can help relieve eye fatigue and dark circles.

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