Does anyone know good essential oil for eye wrinkles?

I am just 26 now but have already got some eye wrinkles, which really bothers me a lot. I heard that good essential oil can help to remove eye wrinkles. I wish to get some advice here.
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  • Sherri H

    Don' t panic, guy. It is very normal for women to get eye wrinkles after 24. But there are still some ways to make up this. You can try vitamin E and vitamin C. Both of them are very good for skin cell. Try to apply some vitamin E to your skin around your eyes, you will get a surprising result. Of course, you have to stick to it every day. What is more, you can also buy some good essential oil for eye wrinkles. Try some neroli oil, it can make your skin smooth and make you look much younger. I have some friends who keep using it. You can also have a try.
  • Trinity rose

    I am also worried about that very much and I am 24 now. I have eye wrinkles as well as eye bags. At first I try to use some eye cream but it doesn' t work. The eye cream just make the sink around my eyes smooth and moist but doesn' t work to my eye wrinkles. One day, I learned on TV that good essential oil works on eye wrinkles. Yeah, it really works. We all know that good brands' must be very good and very useful. However, it is more important to choose one that suits you. Don' t buy essential oil containing too much chemicals, which will do nothing but hurt your skin. Natural essential oil is your best choice. Here I can recommend you some natural essential oil, in terms of the famous brands, you can choose it yourself. Myrrh, which is a kind of massage oil to smooth out your wrinkles. Clary sage, which has the same function but works better if you combine with skin moisturizers. Grape seed oil is good to smooth out your wrinkles as well as prevent its coming back.

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