Does anyone know benefits of rosewater for eyes?

I heard that rosewater is very good for eyes, is that true? What is its use?
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  • Allison walker

    Yeah, right. Rosewater is good for your eyes. It can help relieving your straining eyes. Actually, it not only does good to your eyes but also is very useful in many other aspects. Since you mentioned its use as eye drops, I can' t agree with you more. My aunt once tried that, and she told me that rosewater made her eyes relaxed, and drove away her stress. It is very suitable for people who sit in the office for a long time every day. They help your eyes take a fresh breath, haha. But remember, if you want to make it yourself, you have to make sure the water to be clean and fresh, otherwise you will get contaminated easily. Hope this worked.
  • Theron

    Oh, rose water can be good for your eyes. First you should prepare plenty of pure and cold water, then a drop of pure rose water to the cold water can be very helpful to your itching eye. This is true and fast. Besides, rose water is not only good for itching eye but also good for dark circles. And that is why rosewater is also usually called magic water. If you insist washing your face with rose water, your skin will look smooth. It has natural healing properties. In the same way, it can also be used for washing hair. Do you know that gargle with rose water can help cure the sore throat? Anyway, make good use of it, you will get a surprising effect.

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