Does anyone know benefits of black tea for eyes?

I am told that black tea is good for eyes, is that true? Will that have any side effects on my eyes?
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  • Eric rupert

    Well, according to what I know, black tea bags can be very good for reducing dark circles and help relieve your swollen eyes. And the effects will be better if you store them in a fridge before you use them. As for me, the process is both simple and effective. You can prepare a clean and soft towel and then place it on your eyes. Then put the icy tea bags on the towel. Of course, during the process you have to keep your eyes closed all the time. Then after 15 min you can take those stuff off, and I bet you will be surprised to find such a new yourself. Good luck to you!!!
  • Katie

    As far as I know, putting a wetting black tea bag over closed eyes for a few minutes may have an effect on preventing the spread of viral and bacterial infection in eyes, which is good for pink eye treatment. Also, drinking enough black tea can keep people hydrated and feeling good, and make sure the body have enough water that provide for the accommodation of the lens of the eye.
  • Andrew bell

    All right, I think you are cared about your eye health very much. It is true that black tea has got many good vitamins and nutritions which might help with your eye health, making your eyes less stressed and make them have better vision. However, excessive black tea may lead to some damages to your stomach , not your eyes. Try to balance everthing. Take care.
  • Robert ja

    To answer your question, yes, black tea has various benefits for eyes. It can cure eye inflammation, full blown infection and fight against bacteria and virus. So why is black tea so magical? First of all, there is a large amount of beneficial ingredient for eyes in black tea. What's more, many constituents in black tea can kill bacteria and viruses. Last but not the least, black tea is rich in antioxidants.

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