Does alcohol change your eye color?

Can alcohol change your eye color? Is this real or fake?
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  • Linda

    Well, I think you may misunderstand this. As you know, people' s eyes will only turn red after drinking. it is because once they drink too much, the blood vessels around your eyes will expand and naturally you will get bloodshot eyes. At this moment, not just your eye color will change but your eye health will be damaged badly. Actually, for your eyes' sake, I suggest you to quit drinking otherwise your situation will just get worse. Besides, sunburn, an eye infection and some other eye diseases can also cause your eye color to change.
  • Daniel gerard

    Well, it is hard to tell whether alcohol can change your eye color or not, because it depends and you do not make yourself clear enough. To some degree, alcohol can change your eye color because after you drink alcohol, your eyes and your face will turn red, but your eyes will be back to how they used to look after a few hours' sleep or rest. So that is also a kind of the changing of your eye color. However, if you mean alcohol can change your eye color like forever, then I can assure you that it is so wrong. Normally, our eye color is not changeable after we were born. Although our eye color may become some kind of lighter or darker as we grow older, the color will not change into different colors.

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