Does a stroke cause a droopy eyelid?

I think a stroke can easily cause droopy eyelid, really? What I can do to prevent that from happening?
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  • Miranda hall

    Yes. Droopy eyelids may be due to a variety of conditions include aging, diabetes, stroke, or a brain tumor. One f the most common stroke symptoms is muscle weakness. The skin around your eyes will also become loose and tend to droopy. If you want to prevent this condition, you should know the reasons of the stroke. The majority of stroke is caused by reducing or stopping the blood supply to brain. First of all, I am committed to fitness exercises and more outdoor activities. Secondly, do not smoke or drink alcohol to excess. Of course, you should have a combination of exercise and rest.
  • Jordan Brown

    Yes, this is absolutely right. We all know that a stroke can usualy cause a lot of eye problems such asa droopy eyelid. But you have to know that this can be totally solved. First of all, you really need to kee a good mood every day. And you should drink as much water as you can. Don' t burden yourself with too much burden. You will get better very soon. If you still feel worried, you may go to an eye doctor regularly.
  • James

    Yes, it is true that a stroke can cause droopy eyelid. Our eye muscles which levate our eyelids are controlled by the nerves which connect the eyes to the brain. When a man gets struck from a stroke, the nerves which control his optic muscles can be impaired or damaged. As a result, the man can't open or close the eyelid freely. How to prevent a stroke: 1. Keep track of your health condition like cholesterol levels, heart rate. 2. No drinking or smoking. 3. Sufficient exercise and healthy diet. 4. Keep your blood circulation under control.

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