Does a small change in eye prescription lead to discomfort?

Recently I have found that my left eye usually feels a little uncomfortable, is that caused by a small change in eye prescription?
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  • Ronda

    All right, I can see that you are worried about your eye problems. As a matter of fact, small changes to prescription does not affect your eyes and health. I have been wearing my glasses for over 2 years and nothing happens to me. However, you should keep an eye on your glasses, if anything uncomfortable happens, you should check your eyes and maybe get another pair of glasses. Sometimes professional advice could prevent your vision from deteriorating.
  • Ariana oliver

    Well, you don' t need to worry too much, it is quite a normal phenomenon. You should know that once you get a change in your prescription, you should change your glasses right now or your vision will just get worse. But I don' t think that you only get a small change in prescription coz a small change will not cause your discomfort. I think you may misunderstand that, you had better go to see a doctor right away.
  • Adam tuener

    It is always true that people will feel uncomfortable or different if they move to a strange place in different environment from a familiar place in the environment they used to be in. No matter how strong adaptability you may have. It is a same thing that our eyes will have uncomfortable feelings if we give our eyeballs different eye environment. So I am saying that a small change of your eye prescription can bring you the uncomfortable feelings of your left eyes. But your eyes will get used to your new eye prescription after days, just like we also need time to get used to the new environment. However, if both of your eyes feel uncomfortable at first, and then the left one is still not good after a while, you may need to stop using the drops and see if it is good again. If your left eye is good when you stop that, then you are good with your new eye prescription. If it is not, you may need an eye doctor to help you.

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