Does a common cold cause eye discharge?

My baby girl seems to get a lot of eye discharges these days, and I am wondering if it is in relation with her cold. I am not sure, because it is just a common cold.

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  • debby truax

    All right, it looks like you are sick, and are afraid of getting excessive eye discharge. As you can see,sick body would generate more eye discharge or running nose, for our body is fighting with bacterium. True, eye discharge would get increased when we get sick, even a slight cold, just try to get some pills, and drink more hot water, also, good rest is required.
  • croatia_diary

    Eye discharge is a common symptom of coldness. When a person in under the weather, the immune system will fight against the bacteria or virus itself. As a result, the body secrete more mucus such as nasal discharge and eye discharge. Don't worry. Just wipe out the eye mucus with lukewarm towel.
  • Austin gerard

    Do not worry about that. And yes, getting cold can be the reasons that your baby girl gets a lot of eye discharges. Especially, when little babies catch cold, they can easily get more eye discharges than usual. As to your situation, there are two reasons that may cause the increasing of your baby girl's eye discharges. The first one is that you put too much cover on her when she sleeps while she is carring the cold. That may easily cause the eye discharges. The second one is that she is having a anemopyretic cold and you just need to take care of her. As soon as she is better from the anemopyretic cold, she will be alright with the eye discharges.

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