Debra Havel

Do your eyes dilate when you're drunk?

Yesterday I found that my father' s eyes dilate when he is drunk, is that normal? Why or why not?
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  • manny

    Yes, it is normal. Lots of people’s eyes are dilate when they drunk. Because alcohol causes blood vessels in the eyes to dilate. Then the small muscle fibers of the iris are in charge of expanding, and causes the pupil to look bigger. So drinking alcoholic beverages will cause pupils to expand. His eyes have been bloodshot and the intraocular pressure would be increased. In addition, you should tell him try to drink less.
  • Zachary eddy

    Yeah, it usually happens to people who are drunk. Don' t worry, it is very normal. You know, when you are drinking, your blood pressure will increase, which can directly lead to your eye pressure. As long as your eyes are suffering from the pressure, they dilate naturally. Of course you should worry about that, after all, drinking is not a good habit. You should help your father quit drinking. Besides, after you father drink, you had better persuade him to drink more water, or he will be easily dehydrated, which will make his eyes more uncomfortable. Trust me, it will work well.
  • Ieff

    Ok, looks like your father is quite addicted to drinking wines, that is bad for health anyway. And it is true and absolutely normal for him to have dilated eyes because alcohol would make a lot of negative impacts on his head and nervous systems, which give rise to dilated eyes and blurry vision at the same time. You'd better take care of his health and advise him not to drink so much alcohol.
  • Joan

    Yes, this is normal. After a hungover, dilated pupils, glassy eyes, sleepy look, and difficulty in focusing appears in the drinker. That's because alcohol is a stimulant which makes your blood vessels expand,makes your central nerve system excited, mix signals from brain and enlarge your pupils. Worse still, hangover also cause temporary thirsty and fluid retention.

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